Retail Impact Studies

Household surveys – dependable evidence on shopping behaviour

By conducting primary research among shoppers, we are able to accurately determine shopping patterns across a given area, i.e. expenditure on convenience and comparison goods and associated behaviour.

We are the UK’s research leader when it comes to household surveys, conducting projects throughout the UK. Our expertise and experience will ensure your survey data can be relied upon when used in your economic model.

This unrivalled expertise in conducting shopper / retail studies as evidenced by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government stating: ‘NEMS is a reputable company in the retail world and it is estimated that about 80% of the retail evidence base for local plans across the country is derived from surveys it carries out’.

As the industry leader, we are constantly looking at the design of these surveys which are constantly evolving. We are proactive in ensuring the questionnaire reflects changes in respondent behaviour, similarly we monitor the methodologies used to ensure they are fit for purpose and often nowadays we will use different approaches to reach different people on any given project.

This innovation ensures the survey sample is representative of the population generating survey data which is consistently dependable.

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