Housing / Housing Needs

Surveys to measure satisfaction with existing homes and to promote
and develop new housing schemes

From Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) through to demonstrating local housing need for small-scale developments, we have the experience and skills to obtain the information concerning people’s future housing need and aspiration.

We have a long history with tenant consultation surveys, this began before most of the local authority housing stock was transferred to either housing associations or Arms Length Management Organisations (although we were involved with that too, canvassing the opinion of tenants in more than 50 local authorities.

Since then we have conducted on-going tenant satisfaction studies for some of the largest social landlords as well as bespoke projects with landlords to identify gaps in service delivery.

The techniques and methodologies applied are adapted to the specific project, for example a telephone survey using mobile phone numbers is more appropriate for reaching younger tenants, whereas we have used appointment-based face to face interviews for those living in supported housing where the assistance and co-operation of the wardens was used.

Postal surveys can often be used to consult when promoting a new housing development where evidence is required to head off opposition from local resident groups.

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