Text / SMS Surveys

Text / SMS surveys are perfect for that quick snapshot

There are times when simple, quick, and real-time feedback is needed which is where SMS / Text surveys can be invaluable. We can either use a client supplied database of contact numbers to include in the consultation / research study, alternatively it’s often possible to buy in contact databases.

Although there is no limitation on the number of questions, we have found from experience that for the best engagement rates up to 6 questions is optimal.

We can schedule when potential respondents will receive the survey, for example after they have been exposed to a certain event, e.g. advertising campaign, news item, product launch, or at a chosen time on a chosen day.

Participation rates can exceed other survey techniques, helped by the fact that approximately 90% of SMS / Texts are opened and read. If the message is personalised and clear who it’s from participation rates will only get better.

Pre-notify Respondents
Our SMS / Text service can also be used to pre-notify potential respondents of a forthcoming survey, using other methodologies, to maximise the participation rate.

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