Face to Face Interviews

Sometimes it needs to be said Face to Face

Not just said but explained and maybe even demonstrated. Face to face interviewing, whether conducted in street, in a respondent’s home, or in a hall, is an exceptionally accurate and reliable means of gathering detailed data. Our Field team covers the whole of the UK and gather data quickly and accurately.

We handle every stage of the project for you, from questionnaire design, sampling etc through to final results.

In street
Ideal for short (less than 10 minute) interviews
Experienced at achieving specific quota requirements for your target audience/market

In home
Ideal for longer interviews (up to 40 minutes)
Can target accurately by geography
Can incorporate more complex questioning

Store exit surveys
Establishes behaviour, recall and experience on that store visit

Hall testing
Ideal for complex tasks/questioning
Useful for showing/testing/tasting concepts
Can incorporate multiple tasks and semi-qualitative research
On-street recruitment, achieving specific quota requirements for your target

As with our Telephone Surveys, we don’t sub-contract interviewing to another organisation, our interviewers will be working solely for you under our supervision and quality control.

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