Business to Business

We conduct Business to Business market research studies for both the public and private sector.

For the public sector this can be for a range of different reasons, i.e. to better understand the issues that businesses are facing within a local authority area, their future employment plans, attitudes towards the skills of the local workforce. For the private sector, invariably our work focuses on how a product or service supplier can better match their proposition with the customers’ expectations and how they are perceived against competitors.

Specialist B2B Interviewers
We have our own dedicated team of B2B interviewers. This makes a differences because interviewing businesses requires a different skill set to say interviewing the general public so following dedicated training we have built up a team of interviewers who are experienced in conducting business interviews and as such are comfortable and confident with interviewing what can often be senior personnel in organisations where time demands are high.

In-house Interviewing Team
With no sub-contracting, we maintain the same high-quality interviewing throughout each project and all taking place in our call centre where rigorous quality control measures and procedures are in place.

Some of our clients