Usage & Attitude (U&A) Studies

Usage and Attitude studies provide insight into the market in which you operate

A Usage and Attitude study is a strategic piece of market research to inform the factors that relate to the usage of a product or service and the attitude of consumers or customers towards the brand.

As can be expected, these studies are comprehensive in that they often cover the whole market and the full range of issues within the market, these include, but are not limited to, brand and competitor awareness, frequency of purchase and usage, attitudinal data concerning the brand, product or service, the strengths and weaknesses of its proposition and its competitors and how all this varies between users and non-users.

The results from a U&A study should help answer why people are buying the brand / competitor brands, what the brand’s proposition should be, how the brand can be developed and which of the brand’s attributes could help differentiate it from the competition and help generate added value.

Formerly, U&A studies we conducted were mainly by face to face in street interviewing – it was then the most effective method, however it also meant that the questionnaire had to be kept short otherwise respondents were reluctant to take part. Nowadays, internet market research not only means we can use longer, more in depth questionnaires, it also allows us to conduct research into smaller, more niche markets.

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