Segmentation Analysis

Segmentation analysis identifies groups of customers to target & how

Even among the simplest of products or services, there are different customer / client groups. In the commercial environment it makes sense to target the groups that you can either satisfy the best and are profitable for you. The group/s may not be the largest, in fact the profitability of some groups may have no correlation with their size – the competition may have ignored the smallest group as not been worthwhile yet they could be the most profitable.

Irrespective, some groups will react and behave differently to others, some groups will be attracted to your brand’s / company’s product or service for differing reasons but will be a mix of Behavioural, Attitudinal, Needs based requirements.

Segmentation Analysis
Identifying your different customer / client groups is best done through a Segmentation Analysis which in turn will help you to communicate with relevance and accuracy to your key targets. – the right message to the right people.

Using our expertise and experience in statistical analysis and interpretation of survey data we can consistently and reliably identify the key segments that differentiate themselves within a marketplace. The result being the creation of homogenous groups whose behavioural, altitudinal, or needs-based characteristics give personalities which can be understood, empathised with, and ultimately communicated (targeted) to.

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