Brand / Packaging Research

Helping you to understand how consumers perceive your product

Packaging research can identify the design features that connect with consumers so you can improve the shelf and sales performance of your brand.

Packaging Research
We have built up significant experience and expertise conducting packaging research using online surveys / internet research.

This methodology offers the advantage of being able to cost effectively reach existing users of a particular brand or product (sometimes with very low penetration) in order to evaluate the users’ views and opinions on the proposed new packaging so as to minimise the risk of alienation and at the same time non-users of the brand can also be surveyed to better understand their attitudes to the packaging and how they perceive it within the wider market place and what messages and / or attributes it conveys.

These studies would traditionally have been conducted through hall tests and whilst technically this is still possible, the savings in both time and money mean that we mainly now recommend that these projects are conducted using online research.

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