Focus Groups

Focus Groups: for a deeper understanding

What are focus groups?
They are a small group of people who discuss topics guided by our experienced moderator/s where the group provides insight on attitudes and / or behaviour through the depth and detail of the discussion.

Who participates in the focus group?
We recruit participants that are in the client’s relevant target market be it customers or non-customers. The experienced moderator guides the group through the planned discussion that probes attitudes about the client’s products or services. The discussion is loosely structured where the moderator encourages a flow of ideas where group interaction aids the quality and depth of information proffered.

What makes focus groups useful?
Our focus groups are frequently used because they can explore ideas and concepts through a group’s dynamics and can elicit ideas that would not become apparent through quantitative techniques and are therefore often used in the early stages of product or service development. Recently we have found that where appropriate including a co-design element to a focus group where participants are encouraged to develop solutions or ideas themselves has proved very successful in short-cutting the amount of time needed to bring a product or service to market.

How are focus groups conducted?
Normally the focus groups we hold are in a convenient location for the participants, in a place that aims to create an atmosphere that puts the respondent at ease and encourages open and honest communication. The proceedings are audio recorded and representatives from our clients often observe the discussion. Finally, the participants are financially rewarded for their time.

NEMS Market Research’s team of experienced moderators have facilitated a wide range of focus groups on behalf of consumer product and service providers. This experience ensures the level of depth and insight required nowadays. We achieve this by encouraging all participants through a process of direct questioning, free association as well as interpretation of facial expressions, body language, and group dynamics.

Interpretation / Reporting
We are highly skilled at reporting focus groups that meets clients’ needs. This includes providing an overview of the findings as well as more detailed interpretation either as part of wider ranging project incorporating other quantitative methods or as a standalone study.

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