Telephone Interviews

Telephone surveys are fast, efficient, cost effective and revealing

Let’s face it everyone is using the same basic technology, so, CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is only as good as the team actually conducting the interviews. Our team is motivated and well trained, and our interview technique highly tuned to the respondent’s attention span. Interviews are engaging and kept succinct, as a result the answers we get are well considered and truthful.

All calls from our own call centre
All our telephone interviews are conducted in our own call centre, we don’t sub-contract, giving us complete control, flexibility and adaptability for your research needs. All our calls are recorded, in addition all interviewers are randomly monitored to ensure all interviews are conducted to the same high standard and quality data is captured.

Telephone interviews are an ideal method when you need a survey in a certain geographical area but where you do not want the interviews clustered.

They can also be used just as much for interviews among businesses. Here we use a different team of interviewers than with consumer projects as the business to business interviewers require a different skill set when talking to senior business contacts whose time demands are often high.

Sampling Techniques
The sampling techniques will be dependent on your requirements. For example, we could use a database of your customers, alternatively we could source the potential contacts, by using a process known as Random Digit Dialling, i.e. within a given area code all numbers have the same and equal chance of being selected for interview which helps ensure the survey is as representative as possible.

Throughout the UK and Ireland
We conduct telephone interviews throughout the UK where we can also reach potential respondents through their mobile phone. We also conduct telephone surveys in the Republic of Ireland.

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